Farewell to London – Hello New Jersey!

20141128_094009-1Hello to everyone and welcome to the NJ Ultralight Backpacker blog. Please visit my “About Me” page to learn a little about me and mainly my inspiration behind starting this blog.

As this is my first post though, I’d like to go into some more recent background on myself to let you know where I stand.  I attend Monmouth University in New Jersey full time and I’m in my third year as a business major.  Boring I know, so in my spare time I strive to be outdoors, especially backpacking which I love.  Obviously, as a backpacker my other passion is traveling and through my studies at Monmouth I have been blessed with the opportunity to study abroad in London, UK since September and I now leave on Saturday December 13th.

Since I have been away I have not been able to go hiking this fall, which is one of my favorite times to go.  So I have spent the last couple of months reading. A LOT. Every blog and forums I could come across to learn as much as possible and crave the backpacking urges.  It is has been immensely helpful in regards to new gear and clothing I’ve ordered as well as reading a lot of the trip reports since I can’t be out there. So when I return home in a couple days I will have plenty of packages to go through and open up and new gear to try out which I am very excited about.  I plan to do write ups on a lot of first impressions of the new gear I got and start putting together some gear lists to be displayed on the blog to show everyone where I am at in terms of weight (as I do like to keep my weight down) and what I am carrying.

Since, I am from New Jersey and it is has awfully cold this year I am anticipating a frigid winter with snow, and I have no experience backpacking in the snow and dealing with the risk involved at those temperatures and conditions.  Hopefully, come March I will be able to start getting out there full time and can put up full reviews and trip reports.

Until then, see ya London. It’s been an awesome experience but I’m looking forward to getting back home and getting on the trail 🙂


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